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Maintaining a woman's health is crucial for the welfare of her unborn child. Most women choose to exercise frequently, eat well, and receive regular prenatal care in order to successfully give birth to a healthy baby. It is suggested to all women in order to prevent pregnancy-related problems. By eating a healthy diet when pregnant, there is a chance to reduce the risk of birth abnormalities. A healthy diet is also responsible for the baby's weight at birth and the fetal brain's proper development Consuming prenatal vitamins is important in addition to eating natural foods because it can be challenging for pregnant women to plan a routine diet that is three nutrient-rich. These vitamins can help pregnant women meet their dietary needs while also providing the extra nutrition a developing fetus needs. Making wise decisions for a healthier lifestyle throughout pregnancy is important since doing so should prevent any negative effects on the growing fetus. Therefore, refraining from using drugs, smoking, and ingesting alcohol is strictly advised.

  • Food and nutrition.
  • Medication during pregnancy
  • Antenatal care
  • Enlightenment of dynamic mothers

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