Maternal-Fetal Medicine

The development of several technologies that are helpful to monitor and care for maternal-fetal health has elevated the field of maternal-fetal medicine. Initially referred to as "perinatal medicine," after observing its expansion over the previous 20 years, a new name was also given to them. Maternal foetal medicine makes a significant contribution to neonatal health by focusing on their well-being and development and launching a variety of cutting-edge and beneficial technologies. Prenatal screening, along with advances in genomics and diagnosis, made it possible to identify cell-free DNA fragments from a foetal in the mother's blood, demonstrating the value of chromosomal microarrays. It is a helpful tool since it may check for microduplications and microdeletions in addition to aneuploidies.

  • Therapies involved in fetal treatment
  • Prenatal genetics
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Fetal anaemia
  • CMV infection and rehabilitate
  • Clinical trial in uterine fibroids

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